January 7

Smart Ring For Your Smart Watch

Are you including a person who has smart watch but having difficulties in using and operating it? Nowadays, there are so many producer of smartphone that release their smartwatch product into wide market. So many brands compete to win the market to get many benefits. Every smartwatch is design to have ability like a smartphone. The smart discovery of smartwatch is of course designed to be more complete far beyond the common watch. Smartwatch has a processor that plays a role as a brain for it to operate many functions like smartphone.

But even the discovery of smartwatch has made people happy because of its modern technology there is still a problem that people may face when using smartwatch. The problem is connected with the size of its screen even though the shape of smartwatch is designed to give the user easiness and efficiency, but for some people the size of the screen is too small because there are people who have big fingers. The smart discovery of smartwatch has a screen with the size less than 3 inches and it makes it difficult to be operated with human fingers.

But don’t worry, as now another smart discovery has been found to solve this problem. Scientists from University of Carnegie Mellon feel the difficulties of smartwatch user and they prepare an initiative to break this problem with the way beyond imagination that is by creating the electromagnetic signal transmitter ring. The ring is combine with the signal receptor that is installed to the smartwatch bracelet so when the user use that special ring then every movement of the finger that is being used with the ring will be considered as the finger movement to the screen. The smart watch ring still needs improvement though. But in the future this will be a beneficial technology.

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